Targetingthe Midwest Foundry industry? Consider AFS Chicago's 2019 Membership & Suppliers' Directory

The Chicago area metal casting market consists of more than 375 AFS members: foundries, industry suppliers and consultants. For the very first time, the AFS Chicago Chapter is producing an Online & Print membership & suppliers' directory covering the local and Midwest foundry markets.

A portion of the funds received will support student intern programs, summer employment and other foundry industry employment opportunities; while enabling our Chapter with opportunities to participate in career days and local job fairs. Efforts like these will bolster potential workers’ interest in metal casting.

Download the following to reserve space and submitting ad files for publication — Prepayment is required on all display advertising orders. Reservation requests and space deadlines are rapidly approaching.

To learn more, contact: Norwin Merens — nmerens@lilliangroupmarketing.comor Phone — 847.682.3592. We look forward to discussing this targeted, cost effective advertising/marketing opportunity with you soon … Thanks in advance for your interest!

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